Conventions used in this document

We will start with the usual, how we write certain things in the document: program listings, admonitions, and stuff like that.

[Caution]This will be for special advices

This box will be used when referring to things that, when unproperly done, may damage the correct behaviour of the program.

[Warning]This will be for warnings

We will use this box to refer to things that you have to put special care when doing them.

[Tip]This will be for advices and tricks

We will use this box to refer to things that must help in the configuration.

In general, filenames along this book will appear with this type of text: this-is-a-filename.txt. Moreover, when refering to text that appear as an output of the computer (like the output of a log file), they will appear as this:

2012-52-25 00:52:57 INFO  supermanhamuerto.nestor.MailReader       - Opening session...
2012-52-25 00:52:57 INFO  supermanhamuerto.nestor.MailReader       - url:http://localhost/mantisbt-1.2.8/api/soap/mantisconnect.php

On the other hand, when speaking of things that must be typed, the text will appear as this: dir. If the computer outputs the text, it will be shown as this: Hello world!!

Linux or Windows??

Whenever possible, I'll avoid to give the same instructions for Windows™ and Linux, specially if they are more or less the same. This will make the text more readable. This document is highly technical and the audience is accustomed to Linuxize the windows commands or to Windize the linux ones.