Another Majordomo in Java

Another Majordomo in Java

JNestor is a software developed in java whose main purpose is to read a mailbox and perform some automatic functions. I've started this project with the idea of serving as an interface between Manits Bug Tracker and any mailbox.

Altough there are plugins that can be installed in mantis to do such tasks, I've found that this plugins doesn't fullfill all my expectations, one of the most serious is that these plugins doesn't have the capability to set the issue number back to he email client.

As a Mantis majordomo, the main features are:

  • Flexible: It can be configured to answer every every email received, send a copy to other email account, delete the original message or archive it. This is thanks to the javamail API and the flexibility of the Spring framework.
  • Extensible: Instead of entering new issues in mantis, you can develop your own processors and add use it to store form information into a database, or perform some actions if specific commands are sent in the email, or add new issues to Bugzilla instead of adding them to Mantis
  • Portable: Because it's developed in Java you can bet that this software runs smoothly in Windows, Linux and a dozen platforms out there